Ramana’s Garden Newsletter 2008

Thanks so much for all the love and support so many of you poured into making this magical mystery tour happen. Each evening as we gather in the dome for singing, prayers and sharing, I offer up a prayer of my own. I pray that I’ll be guided in giving these 68 kids what they will need most to make a difference in a world where yesterday, 20 bombs went off in separate locations, and thousands of children are cast into the street or enslaved in child labour daily.

Memories of sitting out under an open sky full of stars with my Grandmother flood over me. She always used to say “Choose a star and make a wish, then hitch your wagon to that star and never let anyone or anything take away your dream cause you know God is pulling your wagon for you.” Touring England with our Dance Troupe was a wagonload of dreams coming true for us all.

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