Ramana’s Garden 2019-2020 Newsletter

Beloved friends around the world,

It has been wonderful to have the whole family home for an extended period of time. Thankfully, we are all in good health.

I am happy to share positive news in these difficult times. It’s true that COVID-19 poses several challenges to Ramana’s Garden, including the cancellation of all visas into India and the lockdown of the entire compound for at least three weeks. We closed our lovely Ramana’s Garden Organic Café, which harms our ability to self-sustain. Our group trip to Bali was cancelled, as well as my planned appearance at the Bali Spirit Festival. One silver lining is that I will soon begin teaching online classes on Zoom.

I was blessed to be invited to participate in the first International Day of Conscience conference.  My remarks begin at 18:36 but I recommend you watch the full conference, especially the “Primiveras opening meditation”. Each of the speakers shared valuable information for us all in these difficult times. CLICK TO WATCH

We are more grateful now than ever to have our abundant vegetable gardens and farm. The farm provides us with enough food to share with some less fortunate people in Rishikesh, many of whom are homeless, unemployed, and hungry. We hold each and every one of you in our hearts and pray that you are also safe and healthy wherever you are. Now, please enjoy our uplifting news from the past year.

– Love Dr. Prabhavati (Founder /Director)

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