‘We love bunnies’ Womens Handloom

The “We Love Bunnies” Womens Handloom project was created as a result of a failed government scheme involving the raising of Himalayan Angora rabbits for their wool, which left 1000’s of these wonderful animals at risk of starvation or becoming dinner for the military.

“We Love Bunnies” rescued 100’s of angora rabbits and gave them new and loving homes in Ambiya Paradise and with local villagers. They are now able to free graze in bottomless cages in the abundant alpine meadows and then gently combed.  With the help of Infinite Earth www.infinite-earth.org we were able to assist the village women in opening their own  village weaving center that provides training and then employment to the village women. We try to help them market their wonderful Angora shawls worldwide and all profits goes directly to the women themselves.

Watch the video here.