‘We love bunnies’ Womens Handloom

The “We Love Bunnies” Womens Handloom project was created as a result of a failed government scheme involving the raising of Himalayan Angora rabbits for their wool, which left 1000’s of these wonderful animals at risk of starvation or becoming dinner for the military. “We Love Bunnies” rescued 100’s of angora rabbits and gave them […]

Ramana’s Organic Café

Ramana's organic cafe

The very popular organic café at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home is reopening on Sunday 25 October, and will operate until late March 2016. Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home manager, Pamela, is excited about another successful year in the café. “We’re excited to be reopening having refurbished the café with new cushions, paintings, furniture and kitchen appliances.” […]