Ramana’s Organic Café

Ramana's organic cafe

The very popular organic café at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home is reopening on Sunday 25 October, and will operate until late March 2016.

Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home manager, Pamela, is excited about another successful year in the café. “We’re excited to be reopening having refurbished the café with new cushions, paintings, furniture and kitchen appliances.”

“A few weeks ago the cows and goats arrived back at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home after spending the summer months up at the organic garden farm in Chamba village. This means the café has fresh milk for cooking, paneer, curd etc.”

“We also have our organic produce from the Ambiya organic garden that feeds our children, staff and volunteers all year around. The fruit and vegetables that have done this well this year are pumpkin, cauliflower, rye, corn, spinach and cabbage so we’re looking forward to serving a menu of in-season dishes including pumpkin ravioli, vegetable momos, and a range of indian dishes and fresh salads”.

Ramana’s organic café is a major source of funding for the Children’s Home and a popular destination for locals and travellers alike. The opening hours are 11am-4pm Tuesday – Sunday, and 6pm-9pm Saturday nights for pizza and movie night.

Head to the website to find out more about our organic café.

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